À La Plage

An installation by FRAMA
Join FRAMA for a summer escape and unravel a hidden universe where space and nature give way to exploration. À La Plage presents a seaside scenario encouraging a meditative state of mind, seeking peace and patience brought by the sea.
Enveloped by sand, dunes, and a wavy terrain shaped by the wind’s dance, À La Plage reveals a freshly inhabited beach house. A magnetic location highlighted by a familiar geometric structure where its experiential setting encourages the viewer to spend time outside, by the water, and reflect upon themselves and the sea.
A beach house standing in line with belongings left behind. A peaceful atmosphere, waiting for someone to return or something to arrive.
“Patience is what the sea teaches. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach—waiting for a gift from the sea.“
Anne Morrow Lindbergh — author of Gift from the Sea.
Tasca Chair
AML Stool | Green Pine
A gentle wind blows softly, lightweight textiles sway. Quiet reflections. Chairs stand still, a blur between the man-made and the natural. À La Plage presents a thought without the rush of everyday life, offering a sort of stillness intertwined with visible movement—a serene scene suggesting a dip into the pleasantly refreshing water.
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Towels | Burnt Orange
Tasca Stool
Herbarium Travel Tubes
Pale yellow, terracotta, tan, beige, oat, and hazelwood tones. A picturesque image, home to a collection of goods that encourage discovery and exploration of the outdoors. Just objects, nature, and space.
Towels | Pale Yellow
Tasca Table
Render art by West Timber Court
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